About Us

Accolet has been incorporated as a limited liability company under the Indian Companies Act on 18-Mar-2010. Our founder invented the name ‘Accolet’. 'Accolet' is an abbreviated or coined name signifying its focus in the field of Accounting (AC), Consulting (CO), Legal (LE) and Tax (T) services. The core values for our organization, which are demonstrated by being, having and working with:
Client Delight


Our vision is to be the most preferred service provider in the field of accounting, consulting, legal and tax services. We draw our vision is to be a global firm working with INTEGRITY, growing on the strength of KNOWLEDGE, building CLIENT DELIGHT and always being INNOVATIVE in the knowledge space.
IndiaGST is a division of Accolet Advisors Private Limited, led by experienced team of professionals who intend to make the understanding of the GST law simple, to its users and stake-holders, by providing the user with right knowledge, correct understanding, simple illustrations and enabling compliance to GST law, with ease.

IndiaGST is backed by professionals specializing in Goods and Services Tax Law, having strong understanding of the law as has been implemented in India and of the law, as has been implemented in several regions, globally.

The GST law in India, is largely borrowed from the European Union’s VAT law, and has been applied based on dual tax jurisdictions of Canada and Brazil. However though, the law as implemented, is progressive and best suited, given the constitutional framework of India.

At IndiaGST, we aim to be a platform that meets all your needs of GST, be in providing correct understanding of law, facilitate compliance to the law or protecting your needs, by representing on your behalf, before the departmental authority or Appellate Authority.