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  1. The place of supply is determined based on provisions contained in The Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act, which is subject to interpretation. The place of supply or nature of tax derived from place of supply, ascertained using IndiaGST tool, is to be used as a reference or guide and IndiaGST does not take or would not assume any responsibility, whatsoever, on its correctness.
  2. In certain cases, such as transactions involving assembly of goods at site or immoveable property related services, it is presumed that the supplier will need to obtain registration in the State where the goods are assembled or where the immoveable property is located. The place of supply and tax is determined accordingly.
  3. Rate of tax does not provide the rates for Cesses
  4. The place of supply is based on standard transaction. Special transactions such as transactions with SEZ (which are zero rated) are not considered and the user is requested to apply the provisions connected in law for such supplies.